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The Affiliate Program allows you to earn commissions on qualifying revenue by spreading

How to make money?

To be our Affiliate member by creating account to become a registered user, and then write email to:, to say: I want to join in affiliate member!
We will give everyone a unique discount code that only using by yourself. You have multiple ways to spread our products and sites with discount code. Such as facebook, instagram, twitter, etc. What you need to do is simple, advertize the products on this site to your personal media page, such as facebook, instagram, youtube,, and bring more visitors, and get them buy the products, for every successful paid orders, you got 10% commission of the order payment! So find products you like and advertize them is your simple job to do.

How to track the commission

1, Log in your account at
2, click My sales Commission

You will be able to see History orders that through your discount code, and the history commission. And commission status with Pending or Completed.

How to receive commission?

We pay by paypal, so you need to have paypal account to receive money, and we pay at every 1 month. We recommend you to use paypal email to register for the convenience.

Affiliate Guide:

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